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Dog Training for New Parents in Los Angeles!

Are you both a dog owner AND an expecting parent here in the Los Angeles area? With all pre-baby jitters you are most likely experiencing, and with the preparations you are probably making, don’t forget that a new baby can have a major impact on your dog! While Max or Bella may be the most well-behaved pups in the neighborhood, the changes a new baby brings to the home might bring confusion to the dog, potentially causing anxiety and other behavioral problems. Being both a dog owner and parent is a lot of work and responsibility!

Why this program?

At Tinseltown Dog Training, we want to make sure your canine family knows how to properly welcome a new family member. With a new baby, the whole home changes, and everyone’s lifestyle will be affected. We seek to ensure that those changes for both human and dog are positive! This is where the Cribs and Canines training program comes in.

We understand the changes a new baby’s presence can have on the family dog. With training, she will show parents/dog owners how to create and maintain consistency for the dog, both before and after the new baby’s arrival. Some standard features of this particular training regimen will include:

  • Establishing a basic foundation of obedience and recall for the dog, instilling good manners and eliminating any problematic behavior, such as anxiety-driven potty accidents, destructive behavior, poor response to commands, jumping on the humans (little or big!), territorial aggression/guarding, and so on.
  • Adjusting the dog to the baby’s presence and certain situations involving the baby, such as heeling/walking well with a stroller, calm and gentle behavior around and toward the baby, self-control when the owner/parent holds the baby, etc.
  • Creating a feasible training plan that the expecting parents can follow and teach their dogs in. Once the baby is born and comes home, the parents will be well-equipped to maintain that consistent mindset for the dog, so that everyone can succeed and get started on the right foot/paw!
dog training for new parents
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    How to get started..

    If you are also a current parent that needs some help with your dog’s behavior toward/around your child, give us a call at 323.289.8787, or write us at! We would love to help you and your dog welcome your new baby into the world without fear or anxiety!


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