Aggressive Dog Training

Los Angeles Aggressive Dog Training Program

Don’t wait until it’s too late – dog no is beyond hope!

At Tinseltown Dog Training, we know just how stressful keeping an aggressive dog can be. But we also want you to do just that—keep it! Even though it may seem impossible to continue handling a dog that bites, growls, snarls, and/or lunges, we can show you how to get the undesirable behavior under control and turn your dog back into the lovable family pet you know he or she can be.

There are several types of aggression, and we can help with all of them. These include:

Fear aggression
• Sibling aggression
• Dog aggression
• Human aggression
• Leash aggression
• Territorial aggression

The type of aggression your dog exhibits is decided by the trigger that sets him or her off. Does the dog growl, bark, and stiffen when they hear a noise outside? Fear aggression. When a dog is afraid, he may perceive something to be more of a threat than it actually is. Does the dog only attack his littermate? Sibling aggression. Does the dog only go after other dogs? Dog aggression. Regardless of what triggers your dog is displaying, we’ll talk about the circumstances surrounding all of them to help you decipher where this is coming from, and thus how to resolve it!

How do we solve aggression?

As with all of our in-home training programs, each dog is first evaluated through an in-home consultation to be sure we’re forming a plan that will benefit you and your dog for the long haul. Behavior issues can be complex, so we don’t issue a blanket program or recommendations for dogs exhibiting a certain behavior – everything is customized.

In general, however, our stance in dealing with aggression is to teach you how to handle your dog, and teach your dog to cooperate with you. Your dog will learn to trust you, respect you, and listen to you no matter what is going on around him.  We achieve this by coaching you on how to use basic obedience techniques, proper leash handling techniques, consistent communication, and predictable patterns. This way, by the time we leave, your dog is still behaving!

aggressive dog training los angeles
aggressive dog training

 Ready to Get Started?

If you have an aggressive dog, don’t hesitate to give Tinseltown Dog Training a call. We won’t suggest euthanasia or surrender as a solution. If you commit to your dog’s training, you can count on us to do the same. Aggression is a behavior problem that can be modified!

Call 323.289.8787 or send us an e-mail to learn exactly how we can help you.


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