In-Home Training is Always Best 

In order to solve a severe canine behavior problem such as aggression, hyperactivity, leash reactivity, and separation anxiety, a few factors must be included in the training process. These are:

The only type of training in which these can realistically be made available is in-home training.

Let’s use canine aggression as an example: 

Los Angeles Dog Trainer Blog on in-home dog trainingIn the case of an aggressive dog, the trainer must be confident and experienced. The owner must learn everything the trainer knows in order to keep the aggression under control between sessions. Most aggressive dogs have a specific trigger, such as strangers, other dogs, territorial instincts, or fear of a certain stimulus. If you take the dog out of his/her normal environment during training, then the dog never learns to use correct behavior in the presence of the stimulus that triggers the behavior. This results in ineffective training. And, of course, you want to keep an aggressive dog in a familiar space, in the hopes of keeping him/her as calm as possible, as well as offering yourself the comfort of home.

These key elements cannot be found in group training or board-and-train programs. Either you, the triggers, or the necessary level of comfort simply cannot be provided, and you may very well end up wasting time and money. Many group training programs won’t allow dogs with severe behavioral problems in their classes, as the trainer knows group training courses are mainly designed to help with basic obedience, and a hyperactive or aggressive dog may harm or distract other students.

In order to get to the bottom of severe behavioral issues like the ones listed above, in-home training is key. I can offer you one-on-one, customized attention that works. Learn more by giving me a call at 800.649.7297 today.