Got A New Puppy? Get Some Training In! 

Welcoming a new puppy into the home is always a fun experience. However, there are the initial “issues” that owners expect once bringing in a young pup. It’s not just limited to housebreaking, as many people see that is main or only thing to worry about in puppy behavior. Puppies need guidance not only with their toilet habits, but with their general lifestyle habits.

Puppy Training Los Angeles - Tinseltown Dog Training My puppy training program is not just about eliminating behavior issues, but about introducing new behaviors that are more appropriate, that lead the family to success and happiness! We’ll cover getting a puppy housebroken, but basic obedience is very imperative to a puppy’s growth into an adult dog and family member. Commands will be taught and they will learn to avoid pesky behaviors such as poor manners, inappropriate nipping/chewing, jumping, guarding, aggressive behavior, and more.

It’s not just about eliminating problems, it’s about ensuring both obedience and happiness, where we work to avoid creating anxiety within the dog (which would inevitably lead to more serious issues). More than anything, we want the dog to succeed and by doing that, we set them up for it, rather than immediately throwing under the bus. Many people, including trainers, will make the mistake of teaching the dog new behaviors by constantly setting them up for failure, until after many exhausting sessions, the dog understands what to do.

While this could be an effective way to train, it takes the positivity out of training, making it more grueling and based on fear. Puppies with a clean slate can benefit greatly from positive reinforcement techniques, and with my training, I always want to utilize all the quadrants of operant conditioning, leaning more on the positive side. New behaviors can be learned if we introduce them. If we make it based on reward and success, rather than fear and failure, the puppy will learn to make the better decisions on their own, guaranteeing long-term results and actual life-long lessons for the pup as they mature into a dog.

For any inquiries on my puppy training program, call 800-649-7297! Let’s get your little furry family member started on the right foot/paw!