Don’t Be Overwhelmed in a Multi Dog Household: I Can Help!

Training a dog that is a member of a multi-dog household comes with its own challenges. Sometimes, you have two dogs that come with completely different behavioral problems, and you’re trying to solve all of them. Sometimes, a new dog will learn bad habits from an older dog. Or an older dog will develop new bad habits when the new dog arrives!

Dogs tend to keep a pack mentality. You might end up with two dogs vying for the position of the leader, in which case dog aggression may spark. You may adopt a dog that is naturally submissive and he/she may develop anxiety. If you have a hyperactive dog who enjoys jumping on company, barking at other dogs, pulling on the leash, etc, he/she may teach your new addition these types of behavior.

You may have more than two dogs–I once worked with a woman who had six!–and are just looking for a way to keep a stress-free household. 

No matter the number of dogs you have or the behavioral issues you’re dealing with, I can help. When it comes to my in-home dog training program every dog and every training regimen varies, but I’ve found success by using methods such as basic obedience, proper leash handling techniques, crate training, and implementing a structured schedule, to name a few. Basic obedience, coupled with proper leash handling techniques, helps your dogs learn to listen to and trust you. Crate training provides your dogs with their own individual space in which to relax. A structured schedule, especially one developed especially for multiple dogs, works to keep their focus on you and prevents them from interpreting your behavior as picking favorites (which has been known to happen).

If you have multiple dogs in your home, and you’re feeling overwhelmed, give me a call. If you’re  interested in learning how to properly introduce a new pet into your home, give me a call. I’m here to help and make your life easier. I can be reached at 800.649.7297.