Dogs & Cats: They Can Get Along!

While attending a seminar with a dog trainer in Canada we discussed a very important topic: dogs vs. cats. The world tends to divide animal lovers into two categories: dog lovers and cat lovers. It’s assumed the two couldn’t possibly co-exist, that dogs will naturally go after cats. But this isn’t necessarily true. Oftentimes, if a puppy is raised with cats, they’ll love the cat (probably more than the cat loves them) or they’ll at least tolerate them. But what happens if you own a cat and your dog shows aggression toward them? Or what if you want a dog but are nervous about how the dog may react to the cat?

Dog Trainer Los Angeles Blog - Dogs & Cats Getting Along!I can help you with that. Of course the easiest way to guarantee a successful introduction between your canine and feline friends is to head off any potential problems. We can arrange it so I’m with you every step of the way, from the first meeting to your new pet’s full acclamation to the home environment.

If you’ve already acquired your new dog and have begun to notice some problems developing between them, that’s okay, too. It’s never too late to change a dog’s behavior. I am a dog trainer, and as such I’ll only be handling the canine end of things, but generally owners aren’t worried unless it’s the dog going after the cat. Occasionally, there will be a cat who decides to bully the dog, but in my experience it’s usually the dog showing aggression or simply not respecting the cat’s personal boundaries.

My in-home training program focuses on drawing clear boundaries for your dog and communicating these boundaries in an effective way. You, the owner, will play a key role in this and learn as much about the inner workings of your dog’s mind as I know. Through basic obedience training, place training, proper leash handling techniques, and slowly introducing or re-introducing your dog to the stress-causing stimuli (aka the cat) I’ll be able to create a happy, harmonious home for all involved.

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