Crate Training Case Study – Read how with our private, in-home dog training we can teach your dog that his crate is a calm, positive place.

Crate training is an absolute necessity when attempting to eliminate aggression, fear, and anxiety in dogs. The crate is a safe space for them. It’s a place they can retreat to when they begin to feel overwhelmed by their surroundings, and it’s a place you can feel comfortable keeping them when you leave the house.

Crate training is not mean!

Crate training is not mean! Look how relaxed these dogs are! When properly crate trained, the crate is not perceived as a negative space.

There are incorrect ways to crate train a dog. Shoving a dog into a crate and leaving him or her there will most likely backfire. If the dog doesn’t know why they’re there, they’ll likely whine, bark, scratch, and bite at the cage (and even the plastic floor, as I’ve seen before) trying to escape. They need to be eased into it or they may very well destroy the crate or injure themselves.

A certified in-home trainer can help you determine the correct size crate for your dog and help you introduce him or her to the crate without creating extra stress.

Some owners have trouble with the idea of a crate, which is understandable. Why have a dog only to shove them in a confined space? You wouldn’t want that done to you. But, if you think about it, you sometimes do. When you feel overwhelmed, you probably retreat to a safe space. It may be your bedroom, your office, your garden, your favorite coffee shop. You have that special place that helps you calm down and relax. This is exactly what a crate provides for your dog.

Dogs acclimate relatively easily to crates because it’s in their instincts to have a den. The den is an escape for them and a bonding tool between dog and owner. They learn to trust in you because you’re in charge of letting them in and out of the crate, and you in turn make a commitment to them to stay reliable and not let them stay in their crate too long during the day.

If executed correctly, crate training will improve your dog’s behavior and the overall relationship you have with them.

If crate training is something you’re interested in for your dog, give me a call at Tinseltown Dog Training. I’ll be happy to help you figure out the best methods for your dog. The number is 800.649.7297.