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We don’t stereotype canine behavior based on breed. We don’t turn away very old dogs or very young dogs. We never suggest euthanasia or surrender as a solution. We don’t shy away from dogs that have already been through another training program… in fact, we regularly succeed after other programs have failed, and even with dogs who have been pronounced “beyond help.”

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How Can We Help?

Tinseltown Dog Training has successfully handled every behavioral issue from pulling on the leash to aggression toward children. How do we manage to train so successfully? We customize our programs to fit each individual dog instead of trying to make each individual dog fit into our programs. We train within the home, giving us an edge by allowing us to include the owners in every step of the process and keeping the dog in his or her comfort zone. We also train based on commitment. This means that we are committed to you and your dog for as long as it takes to meet our training goals.

By the end of your dog’s program, he will have reached the best expression of his personality! You’ll experience a more fulfilling and stress-free relationship with your pet. Your dog will trust you, respect you, and most importantly listen to you. You will also experience a change. You’ll feel empowered to handle any relapses or new undesirable behavior on your own, before it gets out of hand.

Change is possible!


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