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Puppy Training Los Angeles: Get Started on the Right Paw!!

Tinseltown Dog Training can help you with all of your puppy’s behavioral needs through our in-home puppy training program. This program is specifically designed to provide comprehensive puppy training for puppies aged sixteen weeks and younger, including housebreaking, leash training, crate training, basic obedience training, introduction to other pets, and proper bonding between puppy and owner.

Why our puppy program?

This puppy program — as with all of our in-home programs — is fully customizable. If your puppy needs help in a different area, we’ll include it in the program. If they already excel in a certain area, our training in that area won’t be as intensive.

This is the advantage of in-home puppy training: one-on-one, customized advice from a dog behavior expert!

How do you bond with a puppy?

The best relationship you can establish with your new puppy is an emotionally and behaviorally healthy one. We will help you set reasonable boundaries for your puppy in a way he/she understands to ensure your puppy grows into a well-behaved adult. We’ll teach you how to communicate with your puppy from the get-go, so that as your puppy matures, you can continue to shape his/her behavior choices. Essentially, we give you the tools you need to prevent any behavior problems from developing.

We’ll also let you know what to expect from your puppy as he/she matures, and we’ll teach you how dog behavior patterns are formed, and how to take a proactive approach to changing a dog’s behavior. This way, as your puppy grows up, you have the information you need to be a well-informed, proactive owner!

If your puppy does develop a new problem as he or she grows and you feel you are unable to handle it without assistance, we do, in fact, offer a contingency plan. If your puppy has completed our puppy training program, that fee will go towards one of our in-home training programs for adult dogs.

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If you’re interested in learning more about Tinseltown Dog Training’s Puppy Program, give us a call at 323.289.8787 or send an e-mail our way.


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