In-Home Dog Training

Private In-Home Dog Training Los Angeles Style!

Tinseltown Dog Training offers professional in-home dog training to the entire greater Los Angeles area. We travel to you!

Why choose in-home dog training?

We recognize both the importance of owner involvement and the idea that each individual dog needs his or her own individual training program.

No two dogs or behavioral problems are exactly alike, so we are careful to implement our time-test behavior training protocol in such a way that meets your dog’s needs.

Our goal is to teach your dog to behave properly for you. This is the key to long-term success! We’ll teach you what we know about communicating with your dog, staying consistent, setting him up for success, and being proactive so that by the time we leave, your dog’s good behavior choices remain!

We can help with any dog training need!

Every day we work with dogs of all breeds, ages and issues. We resolve all behavior problems with the same success rate, including:

  • Aggression (all forms)
  • Anxiety
  • Hyperactivity and “uncontrollable” dogs
  • Poor manners
  • Problems in multi-dog households

…and much, much more! We also help owners bond with new dogs (adults and puppies), help new dogs acclimate to a multi-dog environment, desensitize to cats or other non-human family members, and teach reliable basic obedience. Our training techniques are based on commitment, communication, individualization, and one-on-one coaching for the dog’s family.

Commitment-based Dog Training

The first step to resolving your dog’s behavior problems is to meet with our professional, certified dog trainer. We will come to you for an in-home behavior consultation where we’ll evaluate your dog and get to know you and your family members. We’ll explain what we’ll need to do to teach your dog to make different behavior choices, and we’ll collaborate with you to set training goals.

From that point forward, we commit to working with you until all of these training goals are met! We aim to be the very last dog trainer you ever have to hire. In fact, many of our clients come to us after working with one, two, and sometimes even three dog trainers. Many of the dogs we are successful with were once labeled hopeless. Please don’t give up without talking to us!

in home dog training los angeles
in home dog training los angeles

Change is possible! 

Give Tinseltown Dog Training a call today at 323.289.8787 and learn exactly how we can put our knowledge and training to work for you. We can also be reached via e-mail


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