Dog Training Success Stories – Client Testimonials!

Below is some of our recent feedback from our dog training clients. Please read on to see how we’ve been able to help others… and please know that we can help you, too! We frequently work with dogs who have already worked with other dogs trainers, and dogs who have been labeled hopeless. We succeed with these dogs, too!

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for everything you’ve done. Cora isn’t perfect, but she is far closer than I ever thought she could be. This wouldn’t have been possible without your help. Thank you for saving her life!

- Daniel, Cora & Family

When we brought Jackson home from the shelter, we knew we were going to need to train him. He had already been returned by his last family, and we knew he was bonkers but we were determined to make it work. His big eyes just won us over and we couldn’t leave him!

Little did we know that “bonkers” would turn into “completely out of control” once we got home. It didn’t take more than two weeks to put us on the verge of surrendering Jackson back to the shelter. It kills me to say that, but it’s the truth. We just couldn’t figure out how we could keep him. But after talking with a friend who had been going to Bootcamp, we decided that Tinseltown Dog Training was worth a try, and boy was it ever!

They taught us how to teach Jackson to just RELAX already!! He now loves his place, and we are no longer worrying that he’s destroying the love seat, counter surfing for avocados, peeing on my bed (yes, really), or shredding the garbage. He’s just relaxing with us while we relax. Finally!!!!!

He’s also perfect on the leash, and we can take him just about anywhere. Who would have thought that a dog who was on the verge of being returned (again) would turn out to be such a good dog??? Tinseltown was knowledgeable, professional, and actually a lot of fun too. We are so thankful for her help and would recommend her to any and every one.

- Sasha, Jeremy & Jackson

I am so grateful for Tinseltown! If I had not met them, I’m not sure what it would have come to. I really didn’t think my dog was ever going to be able to go out in public with me again after his crazy behavior started.

Barney is about two years old and has always gone to dog parks and on walks around other dogs, so I was completely taken aback when he started acting like a ferocious hot mess! At first I ignored it because he’s relatively small and I can hold him back, but over time it got worse and worse and I could no longer ignore it.

We worked with another dog trainer before, and although he was very kind, I have to admit that Barney didn’t make much progress. I basically learned how to keep him away from other dogs. But I know in my heart Barney is NOT a mean dog!! I still couldn’t explain his nasty behavior, but I just knew it wasn’t over for him. That’s when I hired Tinseltown.

After just three lessons, Barney walked on a leash better than he EVER had before!! Our hot mess days were behind us and he is the gentleman I knew he could be. Our trainer also explained how we got into this situation, and I am learning how to be the owner Barney needs so that we don’t ever have to go there again. Thank you SO much! We love you!!

-Amber & Barney